Hi, I'm Daniyal but usually popular on internet with the name 'Oliver2'.
In 1992, i first appeared on this planet n since living there inside a country known as pakistan
(and somewhere inside it).My star is pisces, 12March (is my birthday). I usually spend my most of the time on computer as i am fond of it. When i was in 8th Grade my father brought our first computer (Pentium II) and after a year i met with the internet and become connected with this cyber-world. My biggest project was Creating the game known as GTA Karachi City. So lets talk about the present, now i'm studying in the university and trying to establish myself in this real world. Now, i finally have my own personal website. I'm very excited about this.

My Specialty:

I'm very good in making professional pictures and videos. I'm also a big modder of Motorola RAzr V3i phone, I've made Skins n MP for my cell phone Recently learned Web-Designing too.
(made this site after learning it)

My Hobbies:

I like to carry that projects which almost people refused to take. In Games I play them less. I give less prefer to playing then to Creating and understanding them. Chilling out with my limited friends. If I got free from my all works. I like to play my favorite game badminton. Every year I purchases a new MP4 player, I can't rest without watching videos n songs in my HD MP4 Player

My Favorites:

My Favorite Girl she has not appeared yet
(but before sometime it was Miley)
My Favorite Cell phone yeah it's Motorola Razr V3i
(and I've gotten in my hands)

Things I like to do:

I like to pose myself among my friends (getting there attention)
My favorite personality, that I want to become like Davedays
Thanks for Reading: I'm pretty stoked that you read this whole thing. I commend you for that. This was ridiculously long, and you probably have other stuff you could've done in the last four minutes. So to you, or anyone else who has spent four minutes on me in some way......Thank you, I love you like I love sparkles.