My Avenaz Journey

Have you ever been through the feeling in your entire life, a movement where you say thats it, I'm complete today, it is the movement which i was waiting for. Where you feel the power n guts to come n face this cruel world?

Well......let me tell you, i've been through that movement and that was so incredible which i don't think can be defined in words. It influenced me alot that still i remember that time and each and every teaching of it. I still remember it all started with the chat......

A simple chat where i was curious about my carrer that what should i do, where should i go n it just lead me towards that movement. My friend suggested me a place and i just went their for my own purpose to know or do something for my carrer but their i find that:

only caring about yourself isn't important their is something more important then it

I just went there for 1 day but it has a charm of some kind which attracts me come again n again n again. The 1 visit turned into 10 Days then into 3 Months. When i went there i was something else and today i'm something else. It is said that the men is known by the complany he keeps, so certainly i found someone there who taught me each n every day, it was difficult and really beyond my perception.

I thought it to quit but i heard from her that you are not my student if you quit, She said i never have taught you to quit.
I was the student i guess, i continued to go there and she just taught me in a way that now it's over but still i found her everywhere. It is inside myself.
After completing that i met with many people they said to me that we have felt a change in you. I wonder which change, may be it is the change which i was finding. Now when i talked to someone i don't know my conversation end at that thing, if i'm writting something, there i write something which i learned from there. I remember on my last day i said today is the last time i've came here and now it will be over forever but then i heard:

no it is the begining, the story has now started now you will go your own and now you will make your own decisions n face thousands of new people. See there and go n prove yourself. You came here to learn abt your carrer the goal of your life. isn't it? I think now i've shown you the path. So go on, i'll not be here forever, you have to work your own.

So the Journey of my life hasn't over here the story has just got started

Thanks for Reading: I'm pretty stoked that you read this whole thing. I commend you for that. This was ridiculously long, and you probably have other stuff you could've done in the last four minutes. So to you, or anyone else who has spent four minutes on me in some way......Thank you, I love you like I love sparkles.