Editing n Installing DRM

Editing DRM is not so tough but if you don't want to create your own DRM, you can dowload pre-made drm's from modmymobile.com openup the site and choose your phone and start downloading.

You will need these softwares for edting DRM and Handset Drivers should be installed

  1. 1.Connect your phone and open F&B
  2. 2.Click on Read tab and only tick on CG15 (DRM Graphics)
  3. 3.verify that your format is in "shx"click on "Read Data" button
  4. 4.you can check your storing directory by going into setting tab
  5. 5.Now open DRM port software and click file=>open=>and open the .shx file which you earlier saved
  6. 6.Click "DRM Decompiled" now DRMport will create 2 folders in his same directory, "binary1" n "binary2"
  7. 7.Open "Binary1" folder there you will find a folder called "drmpack" and inside that there will be another folder named "icons"
  8. 8.In this "icons" folder is where you would replace the stock icons with the icons you want
    (but name and size should not be changed)
  9. 9.Once you are finished editing your DRM, reopen DRMport and go to file=>save as
  10. 10.Now you have your new shx file, openup you FnB software and go to write tab, select flash file and then click write
v3i pic