You have got the skins and want to install it on your phone but don't know how?
then you have came to the right place. So, first let me clear skins and themes are two different things. here we will learn how to install skin..
So you should probably ask what is the difference b/w in these two.
Theme is a set of ringtones, wallpaper and screensaver and when ya install it, it will come in the theme folder which should be in media direcoty.
while, Skin is a set of everything else like icons, volume bars..and etc.

Before installing skins you should install the v3i drivers as your computer know that you have connected your v3i phone and then install the RSD lite, i'll mention it later why you need it and the Skin Manager software for installing and deleting skins.
here they are click them to download:
RSD Lite 3.2
Handset USB Driver32 v2.6

Okay all done! Now lets kickstart, i hope you have installed the drivers next open up the RSD Lite then somepop will comeup and then all remaing drivers will be automatically installed, you will noticed that RSD Lite have detect your phone. next open SkiMan and don't close RSD Lite.
it will look like this:

next the software will automatically loadup the skins which are already installed on your phone:

click install for installing your skin this popup screen will appear, if you are completely noob means beginner then don't tick any of these just click okay

Browse to your skin folder and click ski file inside it

Next the skin will install and then it will appear in the skin list

Now click to More button and then select restart, Disconnect your phone

your almost done! take your phone and go to setting=>personalise=>Skin=>and select your installed skin.

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special thanks to cash7c3 for the screenshots and where i learned how to install skins
v3i pic