In this guide we'll learn how to change menu captions, arrangment and editing there subdirectories and converting
9 menu into 12

So here the concept..there is a file in your mobile called "mma_ucp" so first we are going to extract that file from your phone then we'll modify it then we will replace it on the original one on your phone

You will need following softwares:
P2K MenuEditor
P2K Tools
n Handset Drivers should be installed.
  1. Connect your phone n open FnB
  2. Don't close the FnB and open P2K tools
  3. Click Refresh button
  4. now browse to the a/mobile/system directory on your phone
  5. Right click on mma_ucp file n click download n save it somewhere
  6. I will complete this guide someother time


v3i pic