Installing Monster Pack

Installing a MP is not a difficult task, its same as ya restore your Backup, So here is the guide:


Before applying the MP, Double check it, that the MP is for your phone.
Check the main section of MotoModding Tutorial for learning how to check your phone ver.

First Download and install this software F&B3 and the handset drivers

  1. 1.Connect your phone
  2. 2.Open your F&B software, go to write data tab. The software will detect your phone as the above pic
  3. 3.Click select flash file and then browse to the MP which you want to install
  4. 4.Click Write Data button, It will take some time and then the phone will restart and tada your phone changed
  5. 5.If your phone doesn't boot and the black screen appear then no need to worry, just apply your backup file and phone will again come to life.
v3i pic