In this Guide we are going to change the outer LCD image, like this

What you need:

P2K Tools
n Handset Drivers should be installed.

You can download pre-made pictures from here


  1. 1.Connect your phone n launch FnB
  2. 2.your phone will be soon detected, don't close it. now open p2k tools
  3. 3.Hit "Refresh button"
  4. 4.Now go to "a/mobile/system" directory n find the cl file
  5. 5.Once find, right click it and click download, note its resolution and its format (must be in gif)
  6. 6.Make the same image with same resolution and with same name
  7. 7.Now its time to replace the picture file (cl.gif)
  8. same directory of p2k tools if you close it then again right click on the "cl.gif" and click upload the file will be soon replaced on the existing one
  9. 9.Hit Restart button
  10. 10.If everything goes right you will see the new picture on outer screen
v3i pic