This guide will help you add custom animations and sounds when you power on/off your phone.

What you need:

P2K Advanced Editor
P2K Tools
n Handset Drivers should be installed.

You can download pre-made animations from here n here


  1. 1.Before connecting your phone, make sure your default USB connection is set to Data/Fax Connection
  2. 2.Launch P2KTools, You will know your phone is detected if you see a green light at the lower-right corner and there is a Connected P2K text beside it
  3. 3.Click Refresh for the program to start reading the contents of your phone
  4. 4.Upload your custom startup/shutdown animations to /a/ (main directory)
    Files should be named:
    custwakeup.gif (for startup animation)
    custgoodbye.gif (for shutdown animation)
  5. 5.If you have custom startup/shutdown sounds, upload them to /c/mobile/audio/.
    Files should be named:
    Cust_Start~up.mp3 (for startup sound)
    Power~down.mp3 (for shutdown sound)
  6. 6.After the files have been copied, click the phone icon at the upper-left corner and select Restart phone from the dropdown list
  7. 7.Close P2KTools n Launch P2K-AE
  8. 8.Click Connect in P2K mode. A green light on the left will indicate your phone is detected.
  9. 9.Phone Services > Wakeup & Goodbye > Read from Phone
  10. 10.Configure your settings as in the screenshot above
  11. 11.If you have uploaded startup/shutdown sounds earlier, check the appropriate boxes. I do not have custom sounds, so I did not check them
  12. 12.When you are done making changes, click Write to Phone, then click Close.
  13. 13.Click Restart Phone. Close P2KAE and unplug your phone. The changes you made should already be in effect.

v3i pic