This section is all about modding your Motorola phones, like how to create your own skin, installing MP, changing operator font and much more can be modified which is beyond your mind. It's one of the big reason for adding this phone to my top favorite list phones. As i'm concerned about Razr V3i in this site but all other razr phones which have 176x220 has the same procedure of modding, after all they all have the same operating system.

So first let me give ya a quick review of this phone.This phone is running on P2K platform, There are two versions of phone one with itunes (R47A) and the other without itunes (R479). While installing skins you don't need to be concerned about these two but while installing MP you should check the version of MP. As i've ver.R479, so my all MP are for ver.R479 if you have then you can install my MP without any trouble after all there are many ways to convert into your version. you can check your version by turning your phone off then press star + hash + powerbutton the screen will appear like this, its called BOOTLOADER:
So that was the basics, here is the Guide for creating your own skin...Ultimate Guide to create your own skin

I will also suggest you to join the modmymobile community if you are instrested in modding your phone.

On your Right, are all the mods which can be applied on your phone. Choose any one of these guides and start modding your phone. ======>>

First make a backup of your phone, so incase if you lose your phonebook or phone become dead. So you can restore it.

v3i pic